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Please remember that we do this as a hobby. This is first and foremost a free shard not a business enterprise. No Donations/No Donation Items or Donation Store. Selling special items to players by shard owners for money is, in our opinion, driven by expenses or by greed. This will never be necessary here.  All items are available through crafting or adventuring. ALL items can be found or bought for gold by anyone.

Some of our features - (more to be added)

  • Two houses, including a customizable plot the size of a castle or keep.

  • Training Room for those that wish to use it.

  • Powerscrolls drop on all facets.

  • 20+ different Evo pets.

  • New crafting systems.

  • One new dungeon to start. (more will follow as our player base grows)

  • Accelerated stat / skill gain.

  • One account - ( another can be requested).

  • The most recent client.

  • Maybe a few bugs that we will calll "hidden features"  =)


We are a free Ultima Online server. To play on our server you will first need to update to the most recent client. After you have done that you can then connect with Razor with the following information.

We Have two IP's


IP -

Both are Port - 2593

Our stat cap is 600

Our skill cap is unlimited.

Please note that items will take you over the cap

There are very few rules that you need to abide by. They are as follows.....

1) No swearing / cursing in public chat ([C)

2) PvP is allowed in Felucca with the exception of VvV (Vice vs. Virtue). With that being said, please do not grief other players (res killing). There will be ramifications.

3)The staff members reserve the right to punish offenders any way they see fit.

Our Staff WILL

- Assist you, when available, if you are stuck.
- Answer any game play questions or clarify rules.
- Work as fast as possible to resolve any exploits or game breaking bugs.
- Make sure game mechanics and systems are working as intended.
- Modify rules accordingly as the environment and community evolve.
- Enforce the clearly defined rules. (we will not look for grey space and if we need to modify the rules we will)


- Change game play or mechanics based on your "feelings".
- Hand out items or set skills, regardless of the situation, unless during a specified promotion or event.
- Get involved with player disputes.


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